Like many immigrants, he thought he expected to stay in the U.S. only a short time, just long enough to make enough money to buy a house back in Puebla. But time passed, and the money never seemed enough. Raul Ramirez, 23, was born in Michoacan. With the Be Foundations help, he says, he hopes to finally have a birth certificate to prove that I exist, to study, to buy a car. Mexican consulates are bracing for a rush of applicants in February, when the law takes effect. This is a major change that requires a restructuring of logistics to implement proper communications between the database systems of consulates and the pertinent Mexican institutions, says Daniel Millan Valencia, spokesman for the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations. Much of the governments work is related to preventing fraud. Mexico and other countries birth certificates are valuable trafficking assets. Several interviewees said they had been approached in the U.S. by people offering official birth certificates for a fee between $2,000 and $4,000. We know of many scams that victimize immigrants, and certainly Mexico has detected several instances of robbery of printed unassigned birth certificates, said Nallely Anguiano, a Be Foundation coordinator.

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"He was a real gangster, roaming about the island without caring about anyone," reminisced Xun Low on Facebook. "I am actually saddened to hear this," shared Julie Low. "I saw it once when I visited Coney Island. My sons were so excited. How often do you see large animals roaming around freely in Singapore?" "So sad, I haven't even gotten the chance to meet you during my last two trips to Coney Island," said Selin Sim. "RIP Mr Cow," said Ahmad Ishak. "Though I never met you and have missed you during all my visits to Coney Island, I bet that you will be missed by many." Image copyright Reuters Image caption Brahmin cattle are a common sight in India - but a rarity in urbanised Singapore Others like Benjamin Seah, questioned the need for sedating an old animal. NParks said given its size there was no other option. "It was living there peacefully for so many years and now it can't be be revived," he said.

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