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FILE PHOTO: Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman speaks to the media after returning from his trip to North Korea at Beijing airport, December 23, 2013. REUTERS/Jason Lee/File Photo Rodman, a National Basketball Association forward with teams including the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls, drove his sport utility vehicle the wrong way on Interstate 5 in Santa Ana early on July 20, prosecutors said. The กระเป๋า แฟชั่น nike driver of a sedan going the correct way swerved to avoid a head-on collision with Rodman's SUV and slammed into a concrete wall along the carpool lane, prosecutors said. Meyer said the crash was documented as a non-injury collision. The driver of the sedan called 911 and California Highway Patrol officers responded. When they arrived, Rodman had driven away, prosecutors said. Investigators determined Rodman was the SUV driver but when they eventually spoke to him, he gave false information about the incident, prosecutors said. The hit-and-run charge was later discharged after the court accepted a civil compromise between Rodman and the victim, prosecutors said. Rodman pleaded guilty to the remaining three misdemeanors on Monday afternoon in an Orange County Court. The district attorney's office said Rodman was ordered to pay restitution as part of his sentence, but Meyer said the restitution had already been deemed completed. Rodman, nicknamed "The Worm" during his playing career, is considered one of the best defensive players and rebounders in NBA history. He won five league championships with Detroit and Chicago and is a member of basketball's Hall of Fame.

Iris Apfel was involved in even more fashion collaborations this past year than her fellow ubiquitous fashion-spokesperson Alexa Chung . Linkups with Happy Socks (socks and underwear), Macys INC line (ready-to-wear), WiseWear (wearable tech), Tane (jewelry), discover this and even her own line of emoji were added to her existing lines with HSN (more jewelry) and Eyebobs (oversize glasses). Shes also a friend of the brand for Swarovski , making public appearances on its behalf, and a brand ambassador for the Citroen DS yes, the car. Apfel has been canny about taking what she calls her geriatric starlet persona multiplatinum while still preserving the appearance of being an outlier. A couple of weeks ago, I was in a vintage store in a Texas strip mall trying on a pair of oversize sunglasses. The shop clerk said, accurately, Those are sooo Iris Apfel, and then launched into a monologue about her love for the fashion icon, recommending Albert Maysless documentary on her. She loved, she said, that Apfel didnt care what anyone else thought. Wouldnt that be nice? Apfel isnt the only geriatric starlet to gain a beachhead with millennials, just the most famous. Advanced Style, the blog-to-book-to-documentary juggernaut helmed by Ari Seth Cohen, highlights rare birds of fashion dun certain age, including Apfel herself, who leave no fascinator unturned.

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