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Stratford's In Stitches craft shop closing its door

the shop has got bigger and I have got older and I am tired after being on my feet for 45 hours every week. " Maudette will, however, stay in Stratford and hopes to get out and about with her projects. "In the summer I might spend 20 minutes at each park bench embroidering or knitting and people can come and join me. I may start up a craft group or join one that already exists." Maudette says many customers are upset about the closure and the fact they will have to go to New Plymouth to buy what they need. She hopes the younger generation can lend some of the older shoppers a hand in buying things online. She says having a shop on Broadway proved to be a winner due to the amount of traffic that went past as well as the fact rents were cheaper than in New Plymouth. Maudette moved to Stratford from Whangarei and says the weather and people came as a bit of a shock. "At first I just thought people were bloody nosy — but then I got the flu and people were knocking on my door asking if I needed anything from the supermarket. People are just so friendly. I reckon I am staying here." She says it's sad that so many stores are closing down around Stratford.

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