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(Jim Karczewski / Post-Tribune) Initially, the town estimated the project could cost nearly $2 million. Diamantopoulos said that initial estimate did not account for several parts of the project, including the two adjacent buildings purchased to expand the theater and other design elements not contemplated in 2014. Many of the bids received, which haven't been vetted yet, came in around $2.9 million, according to the town. Unlike the old theater, the new facility would be more than a movie house, Diamantopoulos said, hosting productions, comedy shows and community events. She said a multifunction room will be available for people to rent for meetings or events. Petro said governments sometime must invest in a project that will attract people and businesses to an area. "This will bring people," Petro said. The Town Theatre redevelopment is part of a larger vision to create an arts and culture district in Highland, Petro said, and aim to build the town into a destination for people. Beginning the reconstruction of the theater is the first step in that direction.

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