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Theresa May The prime minister has set out 12 objectives for the UK leaving the EU. She said: "No-one wants a return to the borders of the past". "Our guiding principle must be to ensure that as we leave the European Union no new barriers to living or doing business within our own union are created. "The United Kingdom will share a land border with the EU and maintaining that common travel area with the Republic of Ireland will be an important priority for the UK in the talks ahead." Image copyright Twitter/UK Prime Minister BBC News NI Economics and Business Editor, John Campbell The Prime Minister also said that Brexit will mean the UK leaving the European Customs Union. She said that she will now seek to negotiate a new customs deal with the EU. If a deal cannot be achieved it will likely lead to the return of some form of customs checks along the

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Irish border. The customs union allows tariff-free and paperwork-free trade between its members states. However, the states agree to be bound by a common commercial policy which means they can't

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do their own trade deals. Mrs May said: "Full membership of the customs union prevents us from negotiating own comprehensive trade deals." She said she wanted a new arrangement, such as associate membership, which would allow tariff free trade to continue.

And trust, they have a chingona AF crop top , $30, that you can wear when youre feeling yourself! But when you think of the two genius minds behind the streetwear store, it makes sense that Bella Dona is a successful clothing line. Natalia Durazo is not only the HBIC of Honey B Gold, a jewelry line , but shes the co-founder, photographer, and model of Bella Dona. Lala Romero is equally just as badass. Not only does she have that pretty brown sound, as she often says about her music (which is 100 percent true), but shes a host of Apple Musics Beats 1 radio station , and shes also creating the designs and modeling for Bella Dona. These chicas are hustlers, proving that with hard work, creativity, and drive, you can achieve anything. Lala and Natalia spoke to HelloGiggles about balancing Bella Dona while also pursuing their own careers and passions, figuring out their fave Selena song and outfit, and possibly starting their own cosmetics line. HelloGiggles: What inspired yall to create Bella Dona? Natalia Durazo: It was more of us not really finding the stuff that we wanted to wear. We always found ourselves wearing boy clothes.

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