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The celebrity gift lounge opens its doors to the glitterati Friday and Saturday, and for us mere mortals, heres what goes down: Stars swan into a swank locale, where, and this is straight off an invite, diamonds, gowns, tuxedos, shoes, handbags & more on hand for nominees and presenters to get red carpet ready. Hair styling, facials, massage & manicure services provided. Cigar lounge, refreshments & cocktails provided. All inclusive trips to be given away to 5-star resorts in Bora Bora. Guests will also leave with a fabulous gift bag with over 50 sponsors products before exiting. Its a hard life out there. And when the tanned, be-Spanxed and coiffed A-listers totter over to their tables on the big night, heres whats in their feedbags, thanks to a sneak peek at the menu given to NBC: A salad featuring mozzarella wrapped in grilled eggplant atop tomato and arugula; sauteed sea bass with truffle endive fritto, and braised beef short ribs with artichoke sweet pepper ragout. Dessert is an adorable white chocolate envelope filled with mousseline of lime and citrus cake. There will be champagne, of course.

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"I object because people are horrified by the overwhelming evidence of Russian interference in our election," said Representative Barbara Lee of California before being overruled. Biden denied the objections one by one, at times jocular and apparently determined to finish the tally. "It is over," he said at one point, to laughter from Republicans. None of the representatives had the backing of a senator, which would have allowed them to suspend the joint session and allow the House and Senate to meet separately to debate the objections. Although Trump, who is set to take office on Jan. 20, won the Electoral College vote that determines the victor, Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million ballots. The election has been shadowed by concerns about Russian hacking of Democratic groups and other forms of intervention during the campaign. Trump, who has repeatedly downplayed possible Russian interference, was due to receive a U.S. intelligence report on the situation later on Friday. He told The New York Times on Friday that the focus on the issue was a "political witch hunt." The intelligence agencies did not conclude that Russian hacking changed any vote tallies. But House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said concerns about Russian interference cast a pall over the 2016 vote.