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Think Tank: For Next Luxury Off-line Store, Its Back to the Future  WWD

Store-based careers need to be attractive to top talent, including in terms of salary, empowerment and incentives. Sales staff should have the budget and time to attend events and trainings and read industry-related postings and publications to be the sharp experts and advisers that consumers expect. All employees should know every detail of the craft, components, fabrics, manufacturing and codes of the brand, and they should be trained to inspire and educate others through storytelling. McDonald-ization. Luxury stores and their windows are becoming so standardized that global consumers cannot help but notice… and they’re getting bored. One luxury entrepreneur calls it the “McDonald-ization of the industry.”[9] It’s not surprising, then, that Millennials are returning to the spirit of the original, the craft and the local. Avoiding standardization while sustaining their brand identity globally will help luxury businesses make their stores feel authentic. Hermès partners with Swiss design school ECAL to create its customized window displays in Switzerland. It’s a start, but much more can be done.

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