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The gymnasts ditched their leotards for sexy bikinis, and damn do they look good! Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor MJ Day said, Aly and Simone represent all that is beautiful and strong and inspiring in women today. She saidshe loved seeing the girls shine in an entirely different way. Aly shared a shot on Twitter, thanking the magazine for including her and celebrating women for being strong and beautiful. Simone also ชุด ว่า ย น้ํา แบบ เรียบร้อย posted on Twitter, telling her followers how excited she was about her debut in the issue. This isnt the first time that the magazines swimsuit edition has featured Olympic athletes. Prior issues have included Serena Williams in an all-white bikini and Venus Williams wearinga metallic silver bikini. Ronda Rousey appeared in a leopard-print one-piece, and Chris Paul and Michael Phelps , who were photographed with model Bar Refaeli,have also been featured in the special edition. The issue hits stands inFebruary. Will you be grabbing a copy? Kate and Jon Gosselins Son Reemerges: Tell us what you think! And check out our host, Julissa Bermudez, on Twitter .

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