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The website also allows businesses to create their own listings to promote their inclusivity. The website is completely mobile-friendly and responsive for the changing modern world. The website went live on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 and is located at https://pluslivin.com . "I'm really excited about this website. I think it's important that people of all sizes areable to search for something like clothing, and actually find various options," said Onyekachi Amadi. "I hope that as the site grows more businesses will see the need to promote their own plus-size/big and tall brands" "I spend a lot of money on clothes," Dallas Thompson, who runs her own fashion blog, said. "I have a huge closet full of things and there are retailers, like J. Crew, that are really missing out on the chance to have me spend a lot of money." PlusLivin's new website will be updated regularly as new listings are submitted. Visitorscan browse the site, find the nearest listings and re-direct to retailers' online stores to shop online. Businesses are encouraged to submit their free listing at https://pluslivin.com/submit-listing . Contact:

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